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Originally Posted by TWRACING View Post
An aerodynamic kit on a mini van still makes it a minivan. The body kit on the Walkinshaw makes a VL into a Group A (race car L.O.L). By the way they didn't just put a body kit on a VL, there was a lot of research and development put into it including the Twin Throttle Manifold. It's a car that everyone that loves Vl's wants but can't get their hands on.

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It's not about jumping up and down and your opinion on the body kits looks isn't what we were discussing it was wether it was aerodynamic or not. You should have read the link I posted before making a fool of yourself.
im sure his entitled to his own opinion.. everyone has their different views.. to a holden enthusiast their amazing for the fact that u rarely see them on the roads and are really rare.. if they were a common car itd take place with an au falcon as an ugly box as majority of people think that.. personally i like them but they dont tickle everyones fancy
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