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Brocky's energy polariser works by harmonically aligning the electrons throughout the vehicle, a duck's quack doesn't echo, margarine causes macular degeneration, glass is a 'supercool' liquid, reusing PET bottles causes cancer (anyone see a pattern forming here?), bodybuilders need to eat lots of protein, Bill Gates is paying people to forward e-mails and magnetic under-blankets relieve back pain.

While it might be fun (and even profitable) to make stuff up and spread it around as fact, pretty soon someone is going to ask you for evidence - Brocky couldn't come up with the goods and paid dearly for it.

BTW, Bill - Isn't cast aluminium/magnesium (head, inlet tubing, plenum chamber) acoustically dead? That is - has no resonant frequency? I wonder how Brocky's polariser affected them.

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