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1986 VLT America's Cup Build

Albeit me saying that I will never get another VL again, here I am. I quickly got bored of my VX SS as I ran into several issues with it… so traded her for a 1986 America’s Cup VL Turbo. I thought the deal was fairly good, however, I quickly learned that it wasn’t.

She was starting to blow white smoke, I didn’t think much of it, and continued driving it. However I was losing a significant amount of coolant every time I drove it. So she got parked up and I got a mate to come round and diagnose the issue (as I had not a clue what was wrong with it). At this point it was discovered that the turbo had been hooked up wrong, by the ex-owner. This is where the list of problems started…

 Turbo had coolant hooked up to the oil lines.
 Head gasket blew.
 Power steering leak.
 Hoses were blocked off which shouldn’t have been.
 Oil filter needed replacing.
 CAS went (Whole dizzy got replaced, just in case because who knows what the ex-owner f*cked up).
 Electrical issues (Still ongoing as of 14/2/16)
 Broken throttle cable.
 Mismatched bolts.
 Using stock injectors (N/A) and a stock computer (N/A).

At this point, I had enough. All the turbo gear + stuff I had bought, was pulled off and sold off including the:

 3” Exhaust.
 Turbo and manifold.
 Boost gauge.
 440cc Injectors.
 Braided lines.

At this current stage in time, I may turbo her, but it will most likely be low mount, however, this may change in the future. I only say this as I intend to buy a Calais to make big HP with and keep this as a daily.
As she sits at the moment she has the current modifications:

 16x7 VE Interceptor rims. (225 Rear; 205 Front).
 Rear White Venetian Blinds.
 Shocks and springs replaced all round.
 Turbo front slotted rotors.
 Aftermarket speakers.
 Sports steering wheel.
 Aftermarket head unit.
 Manta Exhaust.
 Pod Filter.

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