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Originally Posted by SIroller View Post
pictures of americas cup logos emblems and badging?

also looks nice goodluck with plans!
I'll get a few pics tomorrow, only have one badge on the inside as the previous owner removed the outer ones... bloody moron. The owner previous to the guy I got it off has been a real good help, especially with some of the issues I've been experiencing.. At the moment I need to look into why she's blowing white smoke on cold start up. Its not the head, but it might be the turbo not being fed oil or water. One of the two. Old mate is gonna come down and have a look next weekend *Hopefully* to try and decipher the issue. After which I'm gonna have to blow like $400 + on new injectors, spark plugs and ECU.

Then I can finally start doing other stuff like chucking on some pursuits, sourcing some venetians etc etc.
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