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^mates car above was mint.. until she ran lean... too much boost for the turbo injectors. Damaged cyl 1 and 2..

Which brings me up to date too, upon pulling my mates motor and sending it off to finally get a forged bottom end, I decided it was time for me to get my build started too.

So I've been a little busy lately:

Spent a weekend pulling the motor out with said mate from above, and the help of my dad with the engine crane. Got it stripped down to the bare block and head
Aim for now: 300kw at the wheels with room for more in the future

Have most of my parts ordered/already here, set up as follows:
CP forged pistons 8.5:1 comp 20 thou oversize
Spool H beam rods with arp rod bolts
Cometic MLS head gasket
ARP head and main studs
Custom regrind camshaft very similar to Crow TX2 specs (from clive cams) + lifter blocks machined
Crow dual valve springs and lifters to suit
Wrinkle black rocker cover
Low mount GTX 3582r internal gate, to be put together by my tuner/turbo builder when the time comes
Custom intercooler and alloy radiator
Custom 3 inch dump pipe
Full 3 inch exhaust
Leaning towards under car surge tank with twin Bosch 044 pumps
Billet fuel rail and Bosch 1000cc injectors
Turbosmart FPR800 fuel pressure reg
Ice ignition set up with module, coil, and 9mm leads

2 speed glide, ~3 grand converter (to be finalised in the future), ideally B&M ratchet shifter mounted in custom drop box
9 inch diff adapted with rear discs, more details once I get the housing made

VT front brake upgrade and 1 inch master cylinder, rear disc conversion once i sort the diff out

Modified rocker cover to fit head studs

VT brake upgrade on a customers car at work, I bought the same kit so mine will look the same lol

I also put standard tailights after so long, much happier with it now

Block and head go to the engine shop next week hopefully!
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