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Originally Posted by 3lturbo View Post
Ususally there are a few spot welds around the struts that you need to sort out.

I've probably only driven about 30kms or so since I smoothed my bay, but I have no cracks whatsoever. Maybe if you were pushing the car hard enough that it was to flex (eg big launch at the drags) it may crack. But you run risks with everything, wether it be smoothing your bay or building an engine. If your that worried about it maybe just get it painted instead.
Yeah thats true dude, hopefully it holds out, yeah i heard it would most likely crack if u took sharp fast turns obviously putting strain on that area.
Yeah im getting it painted no doubt, i wanted a alternative way to fix the towers so i would not have to worry about it cracking.
With all the other little dings and un smooth areas I'm just sanding back and filling with bog.
I still wouldn't trust the bog in the on the towers although it seems allot have done it so I'm really not sure.
I might give the sikaflex a go and see how it turns out, i know people have done it just wanted some tips :-)

Thanks though
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