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Originally Posted by bLuj3t View Post
To be honest I haven't really had any issues with the seam sealer drying up. The only issues I have had is applying paint over the sealer to quickly once I have applied it and the paint doesn't grab and looks like it's flaking/cracking. However this can be avoided by letting it set for a little bit, around 24 hours.

I did not get a pic I genuinely forgot haha and no do not use sikaflex. That's a stronghold goo good for moulds etc.

EVERY factory sealer job is terrible. The amount of factory runs in my engine bay/scuttle is ridiculous as well

Are you painting it basecoat or 2k solid?
Oh yeah thats fair enough man, i will let it dry for a while before i paint it.

Yeah i had to spend heaps of time on the strut towers making them as even as i could and trying go get rid of the ugly unwanted seam sealer streaks and runs. Now I'm left with a small ridge/step and i want it gone.

Its going to painted in a silver base coat with a 2k clear.

I have photos if your curios to see, ill make a build thread one day haha.

Thanks again
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