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I bought mine as my daily driver back in 2001. My reasoning was that I could have a new base model Commodore six for $30000 and be bored fleshless or have a Walky for $25000 and actually enjoy the drive to work every day. But I was always worried about the car. For one thing all my past cars have been badly sun damaged while parked all day every day at work. It was especially heartbreaking to see my beautiful little V8 Torana hatch slowly be destroyed like that. Also I was always worried about shopping trolly bingles and the like. And theft and vandalism too - I had it parked on the street at a mate's place one time and I came out to find someone had spat on the driver's window. That was easy enough to clean but it could easily have been a car keys "speed stripe" down the side or something similar instead. In the end I was really getting quite paranoid about it all, and believe it or not I ended up using my stock standard 1951 FX Holden as my daily driver! It was in reasonably poor condition so I wasn't worried about it. Stock condition = no indicators; no seatbelts; worthless windscreen wipers; worthless headlights; independant rear suspension (it does precisely what it wants to); etc. That was living!!

As we all know the prices of muscle cars keep going higher and higher so I made the decision in 2005 to buy a new Commodore ute for a daily driver and keep the Walky as my weekend hobby car so it wouldn't get run-down and lose its value. I sleep much better at work now(!) knowing the Walky is safe at home in the lock up garage away from vandals, thieves and the baking sun.

Good on the dude for using his as a daily, because that's really what I wanted mine for. I'm happy with using mine for Sunday fun though. Hey, it's Sunday! I'm off to have some Walky fun!
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