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Originally Posted by hecktikvl View Post
What are the tritons like these days, manual turbo diesel ones. Id like an sr5 but i dont know if ic an justify the 60k+ price tag. What are you boys opinions
I got the MN 2011 2.5TD

Make sure you use vortex or ultimate diesel. These motors are reknown for carbon in the inlet manifold causing em to run rough. This is the ONLY downside to them and can be easily prevented.

Stay away from Rangers/BT50s. The manual ones are weak. Clutches flog out only after 60000 to 80000kms! Good for me coz I get to replace em for my customers Don't know about the auto though.

The hilux sr5 is an awesome car, the Ironman rep in WA has one, and can't fail em. Only thing is the price tag!
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