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A9q is just a 5l yes?

if so then yes the standard 15" wheel option for sl exec and berlina turbo and v8 models was the 15" "turbo" hubcap and 15x6 steelies.

ceptoirs were 15x6 with the plastic centre caps and the calais had the 15x6 alloys.

some early berlinas were fitted with VK Calais rims. I've only ever seen them on 6cyl's and have even seen it on an era magazine car.

not sure if they were factory or dealer fitted. but generally early 86 models and all I have seen are berlina 6cyls.

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note: early 86 cars the turbo and v8 werent released yet so thats probably why I've only seen the vk calais rims on n/a 6 cyls.
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