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Tuff as VL

Originally Posted by hdtf-18 View Post
So low and behold it finally had its first proper tune at faustune. Unfortunately the existing twin 044ís which are probably past their used by date and the small 1200cc injectors meant at a bit over 6000rpm it wasnít able to going. Positive side of things it made 368rwkw on just 16psi and at only 6200rpm. After talking to Clint about upping the injectors and fuel pumps and changing to external gate and pushing it out towards 7000 (not sure what built 30/25ís are capable of rpm wise) heís hopeful of it going high 400ís. After it gets picked up itís going to straight to a crash shop to get mini tubs quoted. Does anyone here from SA know how much width can be gained from doing this without having to cut into anything structural? Car has 245/35/19ís on atm so need as much as possible.
Awesome power there on your VL. It will be great to see another VL back on the road in SA. Hope you get to take it out for a drive every now and then over the coming months when the weather improves. Maybe even take it on some car cruises. Sorry I can't give you any advice on mini tubs. Keep up the good work. Good luck. Regards Chris

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I have posted pics of your car on the thread:
Where are they now - VL's from

I guess it's safe to say that it is still in SA and with the same owner, awesome!!
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