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Originally Posted by fusion
...the few minutes i did drive it the bay seemed a heap hotter yet was normal on the temp guage...
I noticed the exact same thing mate. The engine bay DID get very hot - hotter than usual I thought. If you could fit twin thermo's in there that'd be perfect. Or if you got rid of the NizPro cooler - but I wouldn't cuz it's a very good cooler. Ben Visconte used to have one on his 10sec Harlequin VL Turbo.

Originally Posted by EvilPet
...Can you tell me how difficult this was to fit? Where does the wiring for the brake light come out from?
The rear break light garnish is a cu!nt to fit. Simply because you've gotta pull all the roof lining (well the back part anyway) off to run the wires. Run this light with a relay to the same wire that operates your normal brake light.

It's not as easy as fittin' a boot spoiler or something like that.
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