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Final Stretch....Me Thinks...

Back in Perth and Iíve already taken the olí Girl to Toodjyay and Lancelin with no incident. Will be taking her to Margaret River a well. I miss driving long distances in the VL. Itís a second to none feeling putting the foot down and rocketing by cars on an overtake.

So whilst Iím here for the next two or so months, the following will be happening;

Steering Wheel Restore - Currently happening. Get it back Friday.
Dash wiring for digital dash - making the wiring a bit more accessible by extending the loom.
HUD Customisation - Going to mould the HUD into the top of the dash and have the speedometer numbers appearing just above the steering wheel at the 12 oíclock position (its off to the side now)
Rebuild and Re-upholster the 2 front seats - Iím waiting for some Repro samples from Melbourne and then Iíll buy the material and get the two seats to the upholsterer.
General tidy up of engine bay - got a nice black anodised thermostat housing to replace the one thatís slightly rusted. Replace the coolant reservoir with a NOS item and just a spruce up.

And then...I think Iím done.

Letís see whether I can get it all done in 2 months.
I will be really busy so see what I can fit in. Some of you know Iím a pro standup / musical comedian and will be preparing and appearing at Fringeworld in Feb with my show ďThe Rock Ďní Roll Relationship Show. Even got a car song for ya.
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