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Factory Rocker covers with 4 x AN-10 breathers


Tripple Walbro intank setup.

Yeah lol alot of it is from another forum that I am a member of. Some of it is new stuff.

This is really only the beggining, I will have all the life of and times of trying to put it all together so it works, including tuning it.


My cooler


Heads Intake and exhaust ports + valve face

Pistons, with -32cc and still has valve reliefs haha. I have a story about them but its 10 pages worth in itself.


One clutch to far...

When it was stock.....

Engine as it currently sits but, it also has a Over the radiator intake.

Um the car will be firstly for dyno and drag racing, I want 140+MPH full weight. 150mph would be nice. Once Ive had fun and finished with that I will sell engine plus associated bit and go back to be 427ci n/a for circuit racing which I really enjoy as well.

Engine swap hoepfully next week and then all the fun of the fair, getting all the new stuff on and working well. Then trying to keep it on the dyno

I keep forgetting stuff, also I have an ASE engine oil cooler and remote mount filter, and a ASE power steering cooler. So I have three intercoolers on the front of my car
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