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I won't be going on any evilryan cruise... ?
I think the next exchaser cruise should be right after schoolies finishes and before the official holiday period so we don't get swamped by coppers....although police attention isn't an issue provided everyone behaves, etc...
Go ahead and organise your amateur cruise evilRyan but i'm guessing you'll be hard pressed getting more than 10 cars...
not being offensive here just stating that I think we need anticipation and more organisation to make a good cruise. This time around will be daytime, flyers will be made up and put on every VL we see parked anywhere (of course not gay VL's) etc... so it will not just be internet advertised so those "cool" people who aren't nerdy enough to hang here can know about it one will be no less than 25 VL's i guarantee it... 8O SO..... again, have as many mini cruises as you like but it will spoil the big one for everyone, lessen the novelty of "cruises" and therefore mean less cars and less fun...

thats my 5
catch ya's !
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