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Originally Posted by shonkytrb
if you think 75k is good wait another 2-5 years.if you sell it now you will be kicking yourself later

a smart man would double up that 75 k in a year- so 75,000 is still a lot of money for a walky-

but i do agree with u on kicking yourself later-if u sell a walky now wether or not the economy goes down or not u wont be able to buy one in the next five years or so for under $100,000-

and we all know it-

Originally Posted by blownhsv
id definately consider parting with mine for $75k.....
you are off your head-

i thought being number 1 u -would **** it in for $100,000+

no 1 not 600- or 700 something-

the hype would bring u in $100,000 on its own or it would pull a crowd in no matter what-

i would re-think if i was u-

Originally Posted by sly
Dont forget that we went through a similar muscle car boom in the late 80,s. But buy the early 90,s we were in recession and the ass fell out of them. Ho,s dropped from like $100,000 to $50,000 or something.So they will not keep rising if the economy hiccups. And most financial and economy anaylists agree a recession is coming soon.Something to remember. If you need the money be careful not to hold on too long. But if money does not phase you i say hold on. Once you sell it will be vary hard to get into another one. That is the dilema i am in now.
its a cycle that happens all the time-u can't help that

xy-walky are the same only the walky is trailing by a couple of hundred thosand dollar's-but also xy a bit older and we are getting to the end of selling them- meaining not many coming out for auction so people will pay huge amounts because they feel there wont be an other one for sale soon-
walkies are in now-so figures of $100,000+ will come soon-i also believe that good ones,bad ones-who cares --when their is none left for sale-even the old battered walkies will pull in serious cash-

recession or not they are people out their with cash-but the real ****heads are the one that feel they need the money when times are hard-

Originally Posted by disco
Fella"s have a little dilemma at the moment.

I have owned my Walky for 5 months since purchasing it at the beginning of the year.

Haven't really considered selling it but looks like I'll be offered $$$ to good to refuse. The offer is around the $75K mark.

Car has 94130kms with books, matching numbers and stock looking down to the radio cassette.

Not sure if I should sell, I think it's good money, but my missus, believe it or not want me to keep it!

Not sure what to do.

keep the bloody thing- i was in the same boat-when i was pulling it down to paint it and convert back to original- iwas saying to myself-what for so someone else can have one and i just watch-

also same boat-wife told me i would o.d if i sold it-i busted my ass to buy one when no one wanted to even buy walkies-

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