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Sounds like a fun time man! Will be well worth it when you are done, It won't be done overnight so don't lose hope!
+1 for the LS, 6lt like a LS2, LS3 or L98 is better if you can stretch the budget. Purists will hate it, but the drive ability is 2nd to none. I can vouch for that

What are the Group A SS tail lights? They look like they have black accents to them. Are they standard VL, Berlina or Calais lights?
They are VK Berlina Tail lamps & garnish

I'm going to order the complete body kit from HDT. Can I use any of the existing bumpers or door panels i already have?
Door moulds are the same, you'll need to graft the lower lips to your existing front and rear bumpers.
Don't forget to paint all the exterior chrome satin black!

Who in Melbourne do you recommend for the interior conversion?
Honestly,I'd be speaking to Tim Parsons at Sew Fine auto interiors in Cranbourne or Jess Sutton at Pro street interiors [trading under Cranbourne Car Upholstery]

Can you get new or second hand replica rims still?
16's I believe Csa and Delta may have done Replicas back in the day. I'd optd for the new 20"wheels you can buy 'Star' replica wheels or the genuine 20" HDT Momo stars and are easy to find on the second hand market

I only want to wind up boost and Intercool it to achieve about 220kw, so nothing absurdly crazy.. I have a mechanic doing a complete motor overhaul as its 32 years old,, and I know I have to beef up the transmission, brakes etc for the turbo. Do I need to beef up anything else such as the Diff, Suspension or anything else underneath aiming for 220kw etc. ?

Best thing, future proof it and build a 31 spline 9". Don't make my mistake and invest in a borg warner. Invest in a VT front brake upgrade, that will pull you up easy as. No need to reinvent the wheel and get willwoods etc.
Kings 'low' springs [basically 10mm lower than fe2] and monroe shocks ftw. It will ride really nice. Coilovers I find too harsh in the early commodores

Did the Brock have the Calais or berlina dash. And can you still get the demister left hand module for the dash with the aerial up and down buttons on the side like the Calais ?

It varies. They all have a tacho. Majority of the genuine cars I have seen have the Later 1988 style Calais cluster.
Can find the satellite switches and decals for them on ebay or facebook marketplace

Can you still get all the stickers and badges for the Group A?
Yes, readily availiable. All over ebay or hdt direct.
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