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VL executive Conversion to a Group A Brock SS Replica

Gday Guys.

Haven't been on forum for a few years since I sold my last VL Calais Turbo. (Stupid me) But starting a new restoration project (Mid Life Crisis) lol ��

I'm going to convert my recently acquired 1987 VL executive to a Group A SS Replica. Not sure how far I'll take it, whether I'll go the full hog, or I whether I'll add my own flare to it.. I plan to rebuild the existing straight 6 and add a turbo instead of doing the V8, but im still undecided. I might throw an LS V8 with a 6 speed into it.. This will be my dream car and Sunday driver..

I have a few questions if anyone can help:

What are the Group A SS tail lights? They look like they have black accents to them. Are they standard VL, Berlina or Calais lights?

I'm going to order the complete body kit from HDT. Can I use any of the existing bumpers or door panels i already have?

Who in Melbourne do you recommend for the interior conversion?

Can you get new or second hand replica rims still?

I only want to wind up boost and Intercool it to achieve about 220kw, so nothing absurdly crazy.. I have a mechanic doing a complete motor overhaul as its 32 years old,, and I know I have to beef up the transmission, brakes etc for the turbo. Do I need to beef up anything else such as the Diff, Suspension or anything else underneath aiming for 220kw etc. ?

Did the Brock have the Calais or berlina dash. And can you still get the demister left hand module for the dash with the aerial up and down buttons on the side like the Calais ?

Can you still get all the stickers and badges for the Group A?
Thanks in advance..
" VL Calais Turbos Rule "

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