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Smoothing the bay help

Hey guys, i started this thread ages ago but my couldn't get my account back.

I ended up putting seam sealer there and smoothing it out with my fingers as best as possible but its a lot harder than it sounds.

I found that it made my life a lot easier to apply the seam sealer, shape it roughly, let it set of and go back to it later with some wax grease remover to soften it up a bit and just do the same and use your finger to smooth it off, this method may take abit more time but will make it a lot easier to shape and smoothen properly as its not so soft and gooey.

A good pro to using seam sealer is that its used from factory so there shouldn't be any issues with roadworthy's and its very unlikely that it will crack

Ive had my vl on the road now for about two months and there is no sign of cracks or anything.

I hope this helped! Will be happy to send pics to anyone that is interested.

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