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Knox Mini Meets.

A few of yous probably know what I'm talking about Monday night, Industrial area. Mainly Commodores and a R33 Skyline.

Guy's for your own good and mine stay away from that area the cops patrol it day and night just because it has a few white lines marked across the road does'nt mean it's Calder Park. Theres only 3 entrances or exits and the cops will block you in, No escape. It's been done before.

And since I live locally I don't need any more cops patroling pulling me over for bull**** I did'nt do.

And besides it's a dangerous spot too many side streets and not enough of a braking area to slow down.

I followed yous in because I just filled up with Optimax, I decided to warn yous, You will get busted hard. The cops know about that area.

Take care out there.
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