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Originally Posted by Antho View Post
Glad to hear you got it back, that's the main thing.

Other stuff can be fixed.

The assessors should price up all the damage to be repaired, otherwise they might ask you to get a written quote from somewhere.

To be honest if you can work out a deal with the insurance company to get a cash settlement and fix it yourself, just get the stuff painted and fit yourself.

Did you have 3rd party + fire and theft?

Yes I have 3rd party fire & theft with budget because RACV costed too much at the time. Someone at work said im covered if the car got stolen and never came back, but at this point its being assessed so have to wait and see i hope they cover the damages.

I have estimated $1200 at least. Needs bootlid and front bar painted mostly and can find bootlid cheap as and used to work in a panel shop. But will have to put the car on comprehensive insurance and install my alarm i have somewhere at home. <<<<<<<< And I wanted to change insurance and put my alarm this September anyway lol. Also front bar is f***'ed up anyway. CHROME STRIP SURVIVED.

Had it on gumtree to get more help, few people texted me saying we'll keep a look out. Too many people wanted to buy it. Been offered 10k recently but it ain't for sale.

I suspect it was stolen by my girlfriends old mate that is in all sorts of trouble with the law and is a homeless scum and such and such. He called her today and yea like thats just a coincidence

IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE!!!!!! Found the car but missing my tools and spare parts in the boot I bet but subwoofers are there because they are really bolted in ahahahha

Thanks again everyone.
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