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nuh, something is very wrong there.

take the dizzy out,
connect it back up,
put reds on,
spin the dizzy by hand.

should hear the injector relay click, then the injectors clicking in batches,
fuel pump should go back on after the usual 7 seconds or so.
remove a spark plug and earth them out well with wire wrapped around the plugs metal thread and other end attached to earth (like rocker cover bolt), you should see spark in time with the speed at which you spin the dizzy gear.

if you already reinstalled injectors, look into the fuel pumps pressures and flow rates next.

in between tests, turn off ignition for 10 seconds or more so the ECU can reset/restart its normal functions. if you don't it can go in limp mode and stop firing signals to the coil ignitor which makes things confusing.

be careful not to spray fuel anywhere near sparks or you'll have a fun time explaining to insurance company how you misread some troubleshooting tips on internet.
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