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Oops that picture is huge. I have a vs fuel filter in it at the moment, just cause I had one lying around that I put in a while ago. Im not sure if it would restrict flow being smaller but it should be fine for now.

As for the return hose to the swirl pot, Im pretty sure its gone. Cause I tried just swirling fuel around the tank to get all of the crap out but after many flushes and lots of **** still in there, I just pressure blasted the inside and im letting it dry out properly. I dont think I saw the hose youre talking about. Is it essential? I dont own a welder so I wouldnt be able to weld it back up if I cut it. On the other hand though, I found the remains of the pump hose, but there is no other bits of hose or any clamps in the tank

Thanks for the replies, Ill update the thread on how it goes
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