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hi guys i have a berlina sedan with single spinner 3.45 drum rear end.(well im 99% sure its a single spinner and 3.45 ratio but i havent checked the i.d. tag on it yet).

I want to convert it to an LSD with disc brakes, what are my options? I know i could bolt a whole vlt or vl v8 rear end straight in, but here in nz they are not exactly easy to find.

if i do find a vlt or a vl v8 one, but its not lsd, i could just take it to a diff shop and get them to fit lsd centre to it am i correct?

but i likely wont be able to find a vlt or vl v8 rear end soon, so is it possible to convert mine to lsd and disc brakes? im guessing as a standard na drum brake diff its probly just the 25spline 2spider type.

so if i was to put lsd in is it possible to source 25spline lsd centre?
what other options do i have? could i replace all the centres and axles etc with 28spline stuff ie would the 28spline stuff fit/bolt in to the 25spline housing?

or if i found an r31 skyline with lsd and disc would the whole rear end bolt in or just the centre and axles?

even if i just know for sure from you guys what parts i need then i can just take it all to a diff shop to get it done - those two words shimming and backlash send shivers down my spine every time i read them in a thread lol.

and can anyone tel me, if i was to put 28spline internals into my standard housing, how would i go about replacing the drums with some disc brakes (or does anyone have a link to a thread about this or something?)

thanks heaps.
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