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Originally Posted by ATMO_BT1 View Post
some thing for you guys to aspire too

Yes, I know this is an old thread. And an even older post.

But I was wondering the specs of this car and if anyone knows the power ? Any info on the car really.

I just picked up my vl and at the moment it is stock standard apart from an exhaust. I was thinking about maybe getting a jpc ff plenum with xf tb & cai. As one of the mods. Is there any gains to be had ? I'm aware I wont gain much power from an n/a im just looking for a good bit of low down punch. Wondering if anyone has any comments on the jpc plenum, or if any other ff plenums are better ?

Apart from that I'd probably get the top end worked a bit, shaved head, cam etc. I know I'd want to bump the compression, but to what ratio ? What cam would suit an engine like this ? Apart from that I'd probably just get a tune and wait till im off my p's to turbo, I have a long way to go so I don't really wanna wait the whole time till I add some power. I'll be able to keep the plenum but the heads will have to be chucked for low comp? Is there a cam suited to both turbo and n/a applications?
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