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A definition of MuZzA (

A muzza is a young male, usually of southern European descent
born and raised in melbourne. Living in mostly western suburbs. They depict no sense of class, enjoy spitting and when speaking, excessively swear and use terms like "bro"

They seem to have a lack of individual thought, which spans to everything they do. They seem to walk around in a group and all of whom look familiar to the person next to them.

Fashion: They usually wear similar things to their friends and copy each other. If one person were to have a jumper they think to be "cool" they would then proceed to purchase or acquire by other means the same thing. This then continues throughout the group until all the muzzas look exactly the same or atleast 90% similar.
Their hairstyles are somewhat pathetic and again would be similar to their friends. this usually consists od a mullet and hair that is excessively straightened with a ceramic straightener (other better alternatives are not available because of financial issue or they are just ignorant of them) hair is grotesquely bleahced with stripes of blonde or a patch of blonde out of nowhere. Hair is usually spiked up to look as if they had used a tub of gel just to get one spike up. Recently discovered the existence of hair wax and clay.
FLuro colors are a must for clothing. usually so excessive that they look like a highlighter. wears trackies, hoodie (recently moved on to big jackets with furry hoods).
Recently trying to pick up on asian trends that have either gone out of popularity or existed for a good span of time.
Wears sneakers such as dunlop volleys.

Recently picked up on techno and shuffling

Education seems to not mean much to muzzas. revels in breaking the law, getting into uni does not seem to be possible at current speculation. Anything related to educational excellence or beneficial to society is considered to be uncool or lame by muzzas
muzzas could be seen nearly everywhere in melbourne. though there are places that many seem to be attracted to such as highpoint
We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police.
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