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Originally Posted by INFLYT
That Dyno run churned out 530 rwkw, but it had a 6 speed Manual in it.
It's now got a 3 speed Automatic.
On 21 psi. Heaps of potential behind her. Just a matter of sorting the problems out and taking it from there.

Originally Posted by GMWPN.8
This yellow XR6 Turbo is only goin to get quicker.. that was the first time it has ever been out.. They are still running the stock computer with a flash tune, stock suspension and it only ran 21psi.. this thing has so much more in it.. 9's are certain
As I mentioned above, still a lot of potential behind her.

Originally Posted by INFLYT
They all run C.A.P.A Flash Tuner's man.
People have tried Motec's/Haltech's with these thing's and gone backward's.
How do you know it ran 21 P.S.I?
Can verify from the boys it was 21psi.

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