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Originally Posted by bLoWdRy_vL View Post
Hey guys, just a quick update on full time criminal, VINCENT FILOMENO...
After months of not hearing anything from him after stealing my electronically transferred cash, I receive a call...
Can you believe it... This dirty dog has called up complaining to me that he doesn't like the thread that I posted labeling him as a theif, and told me to delete it..
Of course I reminded him of the dollars of mine that he took and didn't return, to which he replied, "I've had more money stolen from me before, get over it".
He followed that up with "if you want the AVO manifold it's still here sitting in my driveway".
What the.....
I went to our police, but they don't align themselves with Vic police, and $300 wasn't enough of a reason to pursue..
There have been many calls to me from other law enforcement ppl, other private ppl, and past friends of mr shifty FILO, for a handful or three other petty crimes he has committed.. Im not the only one unhappy with this guy, so i know his day will come soon.. One of those current affair asshole stories eh...
You don't frighten me with your big bad phone calls, come to Perth and tell me to my face, you little bitch!
Ummm, did he give you an address?
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