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Originally Posted by Matt. View Post
You'll need an engineers regardless of whether it's on club reg or not as Cortinas never
came out with a V8 from the factory.

If you want a small car with an '8 but don't want the hassle of an engineers cert'
build a small car that had a factory v8 option. My old man used to have a Rambler
Hornet (bout the size of a Corty) with a 351 but it didn't need a cert' as they're a
factory V8 optioned car.
I believe there was 302 powered cortinas a available overseas in TC/D range . Dunno if you're right about your old man's rambler either . My VH comes out with a V8 from factory but I need an engineers if I wanna use an ls1 ...... I can't see a problem fitting a 302 ( 4.9 litre ) when the biggest motor they had on offer here was a 250 ( 4.1 litre ) .
Mini tubbed VH LS1 powered ......... LS3 in the build
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