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A few people have said to me lately that they think that it's time that had it's own forums.

As there seems to be more and more posts happening, I think it's the right time.

So in the next few weeks, we will have our own forums.

As it will be costing money to buy the forum software, and also host it, I will need to charge a yearly fee for members, but with this membership, I will try to get as many sponsors Australia wide to give discounts and benefits to members.

I already have a car tracking company who has come on board, and will give a 5% discount to all members for alarms/immobilizers and tracking etc. And also a local WA Bob Jane TMarts has come on board also, happy to give trade pricing to members.

You will also have access to parts of the forum, that non-members don't have. (Much like Calaisturbo has now). Basically the only parts of the forum that non paying members will be able to access is a for sale/wanted section and basic technical section. The forums will be focused towards actual paying members, as this generally stops the d*ckhead factor getting out of control.

I am thinking that the initial signup fee will be $50 for the 1st year, which includes a shirt which I will be getting made up. I would like to get a nice quality polo shirt made.

Then each year on, renewal will be $20.

So I would like to get peoples feedback on this. Reply here with your thoughts, and suggestions etc. Also is the costing something you would be prepared to pay?

Cheers guys,
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