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Most lowered VL's scrub on the driver's side, probably because of the suspension geometry of the rear. I had 16" Walky's on my calais turbo and it was just way too low.. I mean illegally low, so it used to scrub like a mofo. Had a proper adjustable panhard rod and it still scubbed like anything.. had the gaurds rolled properly as well and that got rid of it a bit but still not completely.

My most recent calais has 17's and scrubs occasionaly on the driver's side, but no rolled gaurds and nowhere near as low. So... I reckon rolling the gaurds will eliminate it for sure.

But.. in hindsight if your car is really low.. I mean REALLY low like my old one was, theres no way to get around it scrubbing.. especially with people in the back. Going by your avatar your car is getting close to being really low.
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