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Car: high comp vl calais turbo
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Injector issues power on both sides

Hi guys

I am starting to pull my hair out with this bloody Calais
But I guess we all love the ups and downs of owning a VL

My car has been sitting for around 3 years while I have been doing bits a pieces on

I had been starting it regularly but havenít tried for around 6 months and now it wonít start

I have spark because it will run on good old start ya barsted

So I went looking at my injectors

First off I have fuel so thatís not an issue

When I connect my battery I have 12v on both wires at the injectors
And with a multimeter attached I have no change while cranking

I have read a bit about some sort of diode in the earth wire but canít find it
And some say it is the reverse polarity relay
But I have no idea how to test this

Please help

Can someone tell me if 12v on both wires is normal or not

Not sure what else this could be
I have changed to another computer and did the same thing

Couldnít be the Cas because it runs with spray

Anyone got any ideas?
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