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Rb30 straight gas cutting out intermittently

Hey all at a bit of a loss with my patrol its an rb30 straight gas setup.
The problem is it cuts in and out out every morning after I drive 20ks to work at 100kmh and about 5ks at 80kmh and pull up at the lights once I take off and turn right it starts cutting in and out in first and second but by the time I turn left a k up the road and give it to it it's fine.
Now first thoughts were freezing the converter but I popped the bonnet and took my seatbelt off at the light one morning and as soon as it did it I pulled over and checked the converter and it was boiling hot. I have also put another brand new converter on it to try but no different. Have also checked the mixer but all seems good. as I'm not 100% sure whether it was gas or spark related a have put a multimeter and light globe on a wire to the coil, lock offs and other relative parts but all have enough volts and the globe didn't dull.
Has new coil, leads, plugs, dizzy redone (vac advance unit swapped to boost retard unit) any help would or pointers be appreciated. Thanks

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Probably should mention that 99% of the time other than that one spot every morning it's fine it's only once in a blue moon it cuts out elsewhere.
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