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Engine building process RB30DET,am i right?

ok my and my mates are rebuilding an RB30 block which will be an RB30DET with RB25 head.

We are going to do it at my mates place as he wants to learn about engine building and do a cortina engine up for himself.

So we got a whoel standard S2 NA engine for $100

the head we dont need so we are going to bin that str8 away.

Now we have gathered a range of tools needed.
Torque wrench
spanners and screw drivers
valve spring compressor
puller thingy
Ring grinder
feeler gauge
honing tool
Ring sleeve tool
some others aswell

now my mate is just leaving the RODS and CRANK standard.
But changing the pistons to ACL items with the comp ratio the same as that of the standard VL NA Pistons so i think its 8.5:1 i think.


We are under the inpression that all we need to do is.
remove front pullie and so (and gearbox and clutch and flywheel) but we dont have that on there.
Remove Sump
remove everything there on in to the crank
now undo the bolts and take the crank out and then the pistons and rods together.

Undo circlips take out gidgeon pins off pistons replace with ACL items and gidgeon pins and circlips.

now Hone the Cylinder bores my mate has a tool that fits on a drill we will use this.

Then make sure the ring on the piston has just abit of drag and use the ring grinder to shorten them abit.

put them back in from the head side on the block using sleeve compressor and knock each piston in with rubber mallet.

wen done all 6 just put the new bearing caps on the rodsput crank in with new seals and bearings tourqe them all up to specs and sump on.

is this it and this si from people who have never pulled an engine apart so it will be a learning exprience that why he is just changing the pistons and not rods or getting anything over sized as he wants 2 do it all himself.
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you can not do alot of things you mentiond i advise you to get it done professionally.... for a start you can not take the crank and rods out together the rods have to come out first from the head side 2 by 2 remembering not to get the caps mixed as that will result in engine failur when you put it back together, 2 when reinserting pistons you do it 2 by 2 then put the caps on 2 by 2 at a time not all 6 at once (impossible), 3 with the rings if your honing it there is not gonna be any chance of gapping them as the clearence will be too much as it is unless you go over size wich i wouldnt recommend unless you bore it, 4 as i said let a pro do it save you money later down the track its not as easy as you think measurements have to be with in thousands of an inch and if they aint right your motor will last the best of 20 minuts
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Series 3 Fuserails are go
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if it was me I'd rebuild the engine first with the standard head, adding a
twin cam head to a rb30et motor is more work and has potential complications,

ie. Why not go for a hicomp turbo setup, far less work with good results,
VK & VL to VR Upgraded FuseBlock DIY kit
Wont ever warp or melt, optional engine lighting
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