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Wasn't he asking close to $12,000 a few days ago?
That was a quick drop
A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it; the truth is the truth even if no one believes it
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heres something for you guys to die over....

i bought mine for $200 with a suspected head gasket, un regoed .... car wouldnt start

when i went there with a car trailer i took an AFM, fuel pump and spare dizzy with me

changed AFM, nothing
Fuel pump was still squirting so i changed the dizzy, started straight up and i drove it on the trailer....

Shoulda seen the look on the old ladys sons face LOL! :O Hey what WTF What did you do how the what who what how did that thing starT?????????????????????????
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UONP - Coming Back!
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Originally Posted by Yeti View Post


This price is not negotiable and i'm not taking this car out of storage for time wasters. A test drive will be organised only for genuine viewers.
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It looks to be in reasonably good condition, these cars are classed as vintage and should be saved, good VLs are pulling good money.
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yeah it's nice and mint, but it's still only an NA berlina.
$5K tops, and that would only be to put a big motor in it and have a nice sleeper.
Stock NA is never going to be worth anything. This kid's a bonehead, what's with all that added crap like the wheels mag, and flyers, they dont add 6 grand value.
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Originally Posted by Boyracer View Post
It looks to be in reasonably good condition, these cars are classed as vintage and should be saved, good VLs are pulling good money.
not 9-12k!...the young lad bought a reasonable clean and tidy but dime a dozen vl for im guessing 3-5k, did some things to it to try and make it as original and grandpa spec as possible, came on here and tried to take us all for a ride by saying he's bought it for 10k and that it is soo special its being stored of the interior and engine bay will reveal its true condition.

he might suck in a few p platers who will pay him too much for it...but he forget there is people on this forum that have been around the vl scene a looong time and can sniff out the B.S
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In all honesty, I bought this car for too much even though it's mint condition and need to sell it now. I've copped alot of abuse for introducing my car (I guess I was a bit excited about getting my VL), talking about my car and finally selling my car but it needs to go because life circumstances can change at the drop of a hat.

In the end, you can post your memes and hurl abuse if you need to but don't assume it's shifty business, if you need to look at it there's many photos and anyone is welcome to view it.

It's currently $8400 with no registration and $8900 with re-newed registration thanks.

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