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Unhappy Chasing more power from 5L VL

Hi guys, I've got a VL Calais here with the carby 304 engine. Has a Holley 350 and shift kitted auto with a 2.5" sports exhaust.

Looking to change to a buick or ecotec v6 for more power and fuel economy with added reliability. It seems rather straight forward and about as difficult as dropping in the rb30 whilst picking up an additional 20kw, and closer to 40kw for the vt engine.

I've heard the V6 will run a 13 in standard form and can sit on the rev limiter all day which is better than looking for loose gravel every time i go to do a skid. Whilst i do like the sound of the v8 more, its usually drowned out by the postie bike who tends to beat me down the road every time i leave for work.

A mate of mine suggested building a 355 stroker motor for it but that's close to $14,000 and lets face it you can buy a 200kw Toyota Aurion for that.
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It comes down to personal preference
But i wouldn't waste my time with Buicks or an ecotech for that matter
I don't want to offend any Buick or ecotech owners I don't doubt they are a great motor when built right with supporting mods etc. I just don't see why you want to convert to a v6
Complete LS1's can be had for a very reasonable price and there's a huge range of aftermarket parts available for them these days not to mention tuners . Save your money I think if your going down the path of conversions you need to think about it and do alot more research on what's best for you because you're the one that's going to be driving it.
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350 holly is too small for a start, should have a 600 on it
its not all about kw, torque wins races,
throw some 345 diff gears in it that will liven it up
good air filter, advance the timing abit to 10-12 degrees
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I'd even go 3.9s and yep a bigger carby. V6 is a waste of time.
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Mate of mine just spent 9k building a pretty basic 355 stroker. I think it's bit of a waste money considering you could put a cammed LS1/2 in for the same, if not less. On top of that, in the long run you can still get a lot more power out of the LS if the need arose.
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Don't waste your time with a V6.
As said, ditch the 350 holley, they're for 202's!
If you want a nice cruiser without breaking the bank, 600 holley, edelbrock manifold extractors and exhaust, a cam that works with the standard comp and some diff gears will get you going.
If you want a lot more power, then you're best to go stroker and that means a lot more dollars if you want to do it right!
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I don't want to sound crazy here, but what about a RB30 or a RB25?
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Ive got a holley 600, edelbrock performer intake manifold, did my diff gears(345) and stage 2 shift kit with mild cams and it went extremely well!!! since then ive pulled my engine out and put even bigger cams in, had the heads rebuilt and about to get it on the rollers in a few weeks!!! dont bother with a v6
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ss nut
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Go with the tried and true.
Go for a Rochester carby, Mild cam,Mild porting on the head.
Open up the 955 manifold,Get the dizzy redone,Nice set of extractors,And if you want roller rockers.And she will be quite a bit more lively.
Our Brock we had had this and a wee bit more and had 196 Kw at the fly.
Brock proved this over and over,Just get them to breath and it will make a difference.

Cheers Marty
if so prove it!!
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