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Bad traders operating on this forum

Guys & Gals,

Unfortunately of late Calais turbo has seen a fair few members being ripped off by bad traders and we really need to prevent people getting ripped off in the first place.

The most common incident is for a user to direct deposit into another users account, and the goods never arrive.

Tips for buying Ė

1) Check the users trader rating. If it is zero or low, be wary
2) Check the date the user signed up to the website which is displayed as ďjoin dateĒ underneath their name. If it is recent, be wary
3) Check their post count and view their previous posts which you can access by going into their personal profile by clicking on their user name. If they only post in the for sale section be very wary.
4) Be extremely wary of users with a small post count, and a zero trader rating
5) If you decide to buy, pick the goods up and if this is not possible do it Cash on Delivery. This is for your own protection. If they wonít send COD that is obviously telling you something, do not buy the goods because you are about to get ripped off!
6) If you are buying from an official member or gold member, go through the same avenues although keep in mind we have all their details and to date there is no official or gold member that has not sent goods although there have been a few disputes over quality of goods and goods not as described.
7) If you suspect someone may be dodgey, PM one of the moderators and ask them to look into it.
8) If it looks too good to be true, it probably is, so donít buy it!!

We canít stress how important it is that people only use direct pick up and if this is not possible, Cash On Delivery. If the seller wonít send the goods COD, simply donít buy it, no matter how bad you want it or how much of a bargain it seems, protect yourself!

A lot of people have transferred hundreds of dollars into someone elses account in good faith that the seller will just send the goods. This is just madness in this day and age.

DO NOT DIRECT DEPOSIT INTO SUSPICIOUS USERS ACCOUNTS because you only have yourself to blame if something goes wrong. You canít trust people you donít know! These people rip other people off on forums because it is easy, and to have them prosecuted is very costly and a lengthy process which most people once they have been ripped off just forget about it.


Also check out Ė This website provides a list of bad traders and their personal details who have ripped of people from different auto websites.

All known traders who have not sent goods have been banned, however unfortunately there is nothing we can do to stop them signing up again. It is up to you guys to be very careful, and to not direct deposit into their accounts in the first place. Calais Turbo is not responsible for anyone getting ripped off, use the for sale sections at your own risk and do your research before you buy anything.

If you have been ripped off, report it straight away, donít let it drag out because this gives the seller more opportunity to rip others off.


Admin & Moderators
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