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WHTVLT's Calais Build

Hi All,

I'm helping Bobby build his car and while it's at my house I'm putting up pics of the progress I make on it.
Putting them here for all to see but also so he can see what I'm up to!

I'll just put pics up and description of what I'm doing but he can tell you what the final build plan and specs are.

So the car came to me already painted, it had been sitting in a workshop and getting knocked around by careless staff, so I have a few little scratches and blemishes to clean up.

Here's what it looked like the day before it was dropped at my house:

This is the mess inside the car! I'm not doing the wiring thankfully! I just need to change the ignition barrel so that it matches the door locks then re-fit the column properly

Success! after a bit of screwing around I got he new barrel in there, also had to change the ignition switch as it wasn't springing back properly. Also going to change the indicator stalk due to the current one being broken.
Column back in the car:

Fitted the Brake booster and Master Cylinder:

Only the rear brake line was left in the car so I connected that then went about fabbing up some new lines for the front:

This is the view inside the Drivers side wheel, I still have to take the lines to the brake shop to get them flared with nuts fitted. I have an el cheapo flaring tool which failed to do the job properly!

Front Passenger line in progress, you can see here I routed it alongside the engine crossmember as opposed to around the trans tunnel, we want it as hiden as possible:

Finished bar the flare nuts:

more to come as I progress...
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