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Anyone know anything about Hyundai warranty policy

Due to doing a lot of highway driving a purchased a brand new Hyundai i20 in 2011. In 2012 the electric steering faulted out and I took it to Hyundai. A month ago I was turning a tight corner at 20kmh. They have had it for a month and apparently changed the "computer" and electric steering components inc electric steering column while test driving it after every repair done. My mrs called today to ask when ready. They said almost done just need to do a last test drive and you can get it... It hasn't played up over the last month. I get a call 25 min later to say can't come get it. Drove it into the street and power steer locked up again. Now I know nothing about this stuff can i ask for a rental car that Hyundai shall pay for? The dealer doesn't have one spare and I'm related to the service adviser so I believe that. I would ask him personally but i want some ammunition from someone who knows about hyundais warranty. And if they had this car for say 3 months and still can't fix it. When is enough where can I go from there? I don't wanna drive this hunk of **** if they think it's fixed but they don't really know and it locks up on me again. I've almost crashed it once and that was enough. If anyone needs to ask me more info please do. I'm quickly writing this while taking a dump at work haha

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Never bought a Hyundai, but buy a lot of other new cars and mate I wouldn't stand for it. What I would do is talk the manager of the dealership, tell him that you bought this car on x date, has done x amount of kilometres, and has been in the workshop for 3 months with the problems you have stated. Also say that due to the problems with the car you no longer feel safe driving it, nor do you want your partner driving it in case the steering was to lock again.

Adding to that I'd also mention that you're now one car short, they haven't offered a replacement car for you (wether or not they have one available is irrelevant), and that had you known the service, and the car were going to be at a sub standard level you would not have purchased it to begin with. And what I've found in the past is that when you have a problem with a car just tell the manager that you were wanting to buy another, and that this situation is making you think twice.

As well as that, I've been told by dealers in the past to contact the manufacturer directly, so give Hyundai Australia a call and talk to them and see what they say. But it's important to state that you and your partner don't feel safe driving it, you haven't been offered a courtesy car, and that even after they said it's been 'repaired' you're still having the same problems. And that if it's not addressed, and repaired to your standards you will then be contacting your lawyer.
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maybe ask your insurance company if they can help.. I'm sure they would want to know if they insured a car that had steering lock ups. NRMA would always put pressure on repairers when needed as they often review vehicles for public awareness.

MTA may also help.
fair trading .. not sure. its still under warranty.
last resort ... Allan Jones will have a field day on something that serious.
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Ring up ACA, Tracy Grimshaw will look after you
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