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Fixing Calais Cluster S2

So my car is at the auto electrics getting a serious amount of work done.

Anyway the point of the post is about my Cluster.

I have a Calais from FEB 87. This was when the month when some cars were a mixture of parts as we refer to S1 and S2.

My car had S1 interior but a S2 Cluster with the little bitty dots (not the square patterned one). Is there anything different between them to make the Gauges display anything incorrectly? My cluster has FEB 87 on it also.

My speedo is out. But I do have running gear for a R31 skyline. But I have changed the cluster over to a proper working one and its still off. GPS says its off by 6km always.

While its at the auto eclectrican - Is there anything like, re-soledering or checking connections or anything possible to make it work propelry again? Mainly Speedo reading, kilometeres ticking over, fuel gauge ect.
Any idea why these aren't fucntioning proerply would be great.

Anything is helpful and I really wouldn't know how to do it myself I stay clear of the electrical side. Today we fitted the parcel in (new wood, was smashed) with Phoenix Gold speaker Z65cs I think. And a Clarion amp hidden.

The man working on my car has a big shop and done VL's all the time. The Calais with plates 87 VLCT was in the shop getting a full re-wire. And mine is getting every little thing fixed properly.
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6km isnt a big variation.

speedo drives i know are different between manual r31 and manual vl but 6km just sounds like standard variation at 100km/h
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Originally Posted by SIroller View Post
6km isn't a big variation.

speedo drives i know are different between manual r31 and manual vl but 6km just sounds like standard variation at 100km/h
I know its not a big worry. But 2 clusters both out 6km is a bit suss must be the transmission speedo drive.

Im just a bit worried what happens if you change the clusters reading on the PCB board or whatever its called and if it effects the car performance.

I read on another cluster thread on here that someone redone the solder joints and overdrive started working fine and fuel gauges sensors were cleaned up and it was running like new.

Just trying to get to the bottom of this issue. It will be a big tick off to have it fixed.

If you know how to fix the power mirror to make them rotate properly I'd love to pass it onto the guy working on my car.
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It can't hurt to freshen up and re-solder your connections, especially to the chips.

I fixed the clock in my Subaru and the idrive controller in my BMW by simply re-heating and adding a little more solder where it was needed.

You just need a half decent soldering iron and a very small tip like 0.5mm, thin solder helps too.

I'm pretty sure you can't really do much with the mirrors, they are noisy as all hell and not very smooth on most VLs I have owned, I can't recall a way of opening them up to get at them?

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if you have running gear from an r31, that is the reason your speedo is out, they have drifferet ratio speedo drives for different models with manual/auto and lsd/open wheel, go on the r31skyline club website and it has all the information there and a chart telling you what speedo drive you need for your setup.

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and re-soldering is always a good idea, as dry joints are really common in old cars, best way to do it is to use a solder sucker and suck the dry solder out, then re-solder fresh solder back on your joints.
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