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Updated Rules - Everyone Please Look

Hi everyone,

Due to recent attacks, fights and abusive posts for no legitimate reason whatsoever. It's time therefore to re-enforce the rules to stop this.
It's not morally right to pick on another user, wether it be a member, sponsor, moderator/admin, etc. Don't agree? Simple. Leave.

If you have any problems with these rules I suggest leaving now. Simple. If you wish to discuss anything further, leave a message in the website feedback section, PM myself or email Sirgeo:
Admin has the final say, then the Moderators. We have the right to modify or edit any post as deemed necessary.


* You use this board at your own risk. Do not take advise as gospel.

* Any posts which a moderator considers stupid, abusive or anything else that doesn't please us will earn you a warning.
3 warnings and you WILL be banned, plain & simple.
If you try to re-register we will ban the new user account/IP as well.

* The ****head factor will NOT be tolerated at all. NO thrashing. Abuse of workshops will especially not be tolerated!
Threads about the police or street racing will be shut down immediately.

Important Stuff:
* Posts will continue to be moved if they are judged to be posted in the wrong section. If a thread is deleted the creator will be notified. No-one else will be. If we delete a thread, don't start a new one! If you want to take it further, please PM SirGeo or another moderator.

* Moderators who edit posts will write in red.

* Do not use caps!

* A person who has a 'Sponsor' tag under their name is permitted to post car related stuff for sale.

* Do not post the same thing in multiple subforums.

* Any racial topic will be removed.

* Any completely off related topics are likely to be deleted/closed.

* Any user with a offensive name will be banned. Any user with an offensive signature, avatar or any similar image will be warned and if not changed, banned.

* Do not post images insulting other people. This will earn you a temporary ban, and depending on circumstances, a permanent ban

* If you make a thread asking for another member to be unbanned - you will join that member on the ban list, full stop. Please make any objections to the Admin team (SirGeo).

* If you find a thread/post inappropriate for any reason, use the "report post" button under the user's profile?

* Do not post any pictures of women or jokes in the general area (Leave it to the members section)
Not a member.... join for official & gold memberships >> HERE <<

* Don't post heaps of emoticons. They are annoying as hell.

For Sale Section:
* If you feel that someone is posting something for sale and is too expensive, first PM the user and advise them of this.
If you can get something for brand new for cheaper then you may post these details, however you do not need to abuse them in the process.

* Please tell the user where you are, or even better, use the location field next to your name. This saves bandwidth.

* Contact details are required OTHER than PM

* These are for private sellers only unless you are a sponsor. Want to become a sponsor? Email:

* If you are not interested in buying an item, then don't make a post about it 'just because you can'....
only if you feel you can have something useful to contribute.

* Don't hijack threads

* Any posts which are not relevant to the sale will be removed (and a likely warning to follow).

* Don't excessively bump threads. Once every 2 days is fine.

* Any user seen advertising stolen parts will be banned immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and enjoy.

- Spike (Mick)

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