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This has proabably been said before...

.. but why don't you make it a board rule that if you want to advertise a car for sale, you must provide pictures or atleast links to pictures of the car on sale? Its a win win situation, we, the customers, don't have to waste our time on every thread asking for pictures of the car and the seller doesn't have to waste their time sending pictures of the car to people who just want to view the car and take no part in its purchase.

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I think you posted this in the wrong section. This is the Website feedback section. We don't control what happens on these fourms, as we are just guests.


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Too old for VL's now...:(
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The reason why it's not a "rule" even though it would be good.. is that not everyone has acess to a digital camera, or can find somewhere to host the pictures.

also.. moved to feedback section...
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It'd be handy because it'd stop alot of picture collectors, but as SirGeo said not everyone has access to hosting or a digital camera.

Besides, if someone is Genuinely interested in the car, they will call and go look.
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