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Trader Rating System

Hey Guy's,

As you can all probably see there is a Trader Rating system now available.

Before i explain anything please note: DO NOT ABUSE IT, don't start giving friends good ratings for nothing, and don't give people you don't like bad ratings.
Also if you have received a Rating you do not think is right, contact a mod or me, and we will sort it out.
If you are found to be giving false ratings you will be docked a point or 2, it could result in a suspension of your account or your account being deleted, depending on what the moderator feels like. (and hope you don’t get me because I’ll get real annoyed! And no-one can tell me that I’m wrong)

Hopefully their will be an official FAQ but this will have to do for now.

Firstly as you can see on your left underneath the car details it says Trader Rating (0) with the number underlined.

To leave a rating or view the users rating select the number and the following form will come up.

This shows you all the votes submit by people.
If you wish to leave a rating (you must have completed a transaction with the user) select the Submit Feedback for (username) link and the following will show.

Fill this form out.
1.Select what type of transaction you were i.e. Seller, Buyer or Trade.
2.Select what the experience was like Positive (+1), Neutral (-0-), Negative (-1)
3.Put a comment describing how it was. P.S. I hate eBay’s “AAAAA++++” seller crap! One A+ is enough!
4.Also put a link from the for sale thread you organized the item through, so people can see what it was.
5.Finally select Submit Trader Rating

And your done.
The better you do this the better it will be for others and you when you wish to sell or buy something from someone. So Please use this responsibly.

P.S. sorry about the pics

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