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VK Calais build

Hey guys,

Great forum

I have recently decided it's time to put a project in the shed.

I got a VK Calais with injected heads on a 308, knitted trimatic and a disc 9 inch.

I want to build it tough but not over the top. I will list my plans and feel free to advise. It won't be a quick project so I am happy to spend money where needed to do it right.

Engine, I have a VT roller engine here that I want to use and the current engine has roller rockers so if all checks out I will use parts from both. I will get heads CNC ported with larger valves etc. I am going to stroke it (because why not). I got a single plane efficient manifold with it so I may go that way, either way the bananas are gone. Car already has extractors to suit. I will run the current ecm and harness.

Trans, it has a kitted trimatic with a shifter but I really wan to go manual. I have the Getrag from the VT but everyone seems to advise against them. Should I chase up a T5 or Supra.

Diff, just a rebuild, paint and maybe a truetrack centre. Whatever is in it locks up pretty well but it is leaking so it's coming out. What ratio do people suggest?


PS if there is any weird words I blame this autocorrect, I have removed kittens and trains
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Ditch the truck diff, they suck power.
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yeh as above put a borg warner back in it, and if your going to go manual chase up a t56. you can get an adapter for 5L now!

that way you can run some pretty tall diff gears cos you have 6th gear for the highway.

auto- after talking with a few shops about trimatic vs turbo350/400 for the same price a built trimatic costs, you can build a 350/400 which will be far stronger (i went th350 for one of my cars)

engine wise sounds like youve got that sorted using the best parts from both motors.

one Big problem you will run into though is the standard ecm which im going through right now. very pricey to get it tuned IF you can find a place that can do it. you can get a plugin haltech ecu ( ) or a modified stanard ecu (

basically a tune on the standard ecm ive been quoted $1200, so may aswell just get a new ecu.... ill be going haltech myself!
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You can even put LS1 ecu's on 5L motors now, pretty good imo
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Old 03-03-16, 20:25   #5
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Thanks for the info guys.

Does the T56 fit ok for the shifter?
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