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MX7 can't get reverse

I rarely drive my car but a few months a go I noticed when I would go to put my car in reverse it would grind and I'd have to go to first then to reverse to get it in gear... I drove it again over the weekend and it's getting much wise had to try and to it 4-5 times with no luck, eventually I got it in but there's obviously an issue somewhere... Any ideas? I was told to try and re-bleed the line and see how that goes? All other gears shift perfect, just reverse...
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if you re-bleed the clutch line have a good look at your slave cylinder and check how it pushes in and returns by hand, see if it leaks etc. Generally if the slave is shot though your clutch pedal will feel strange regardless of what gear you're trying to engage

Can you get it into reverse just by pumping the clutch a few times? That tends to work for me with some cars

Im assuming VLs have an external slave cylinder ive never dealt with a MX7 one specifically, otherwise sorry for wasting your time lol
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