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Replacing inner door rubber strips on VL

I apologise if this is old and been done before!
Easy way to replace those cracked and broken strips
First thing need is strips from VT/VZ sourced from your local wreckers, i used 2 front & 2 rear vz crewman (under $40) but sedan and wagon VT/VZ look the same.

Remove door trims from your VL

Straighten the staples on the back of trim holding the old strips on with a flat blade screw driver and needle nose pliers


Then once all staples are all straight, gently insert flat blade screw driver between door trim and rubber strip
and leaver them apart

Now they are apart the new strips will need to be trimmed down about 8mm from the end that is angled (but measure before cutting)
once measured, use a grinder with a thin cutting disc and cut to length

Now while you have the grinder the rear clip only needs to be cut


Next the clips will need to bent slightly with needle nose pliers for a better fit



now the strips are ready to be installed onto the door trim

then the door trim is ready to go back onto the door

repeat process for passenger side

Now for the back door trim

remove door trim
switch wires

remove rubber strip from door trim (same process as the front door)
now the strip is removed the strip will need to be trimmed to fit, this time only the rubber that rests on the glass needs to be cut. test fit on door and marked

now its marked, use a stanley knife to cut to size and thats it

no clips need to be cut like the front door but the clips will need to be bent slightly using the same process as the front door, then they can be installed to the door trim.

now the trim can be re-installed to the door

and job is done.

feedback welcome
formally injV8LE but forgot password and cant workout how to reset

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Nice work! Looks a million times better than the old ones

How do you remove these from a VZ?

Are they attached to the door trim? Cause I can't see wreckers letting you pull them off without buying the whole door trims
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yeah from memory the door trims will need to be removed from the vz to get to the strips, the ones i got off the cars at the wreckers the trims were already removed and they popped right off
formally injV8LE but forgot password and cant workout how to reset
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Send a message via MSN to VLWAGONIT
Just did this on my Calais, cost me $20 and came up mint!
I just want enough power to rip single leggers on wet grass
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