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Replacing Popped Buttons on VLC Seats

Heres one for everyone with S2 VLC interior.

Looks familiar? Popped buttons

All the tools and materials you will need are shown in the pic:

-Replacement buttons (Cant get original buttons? READ AT THE END)
-Builders string line (nylon string, very strong)
-Scissors and plyers
-Length of tie wire 30cm long

Bend a loop on one end of the tie-wire similar to this, just big enough to thread the string through. On the the other end, cut a sharp angled point.

Securely tie one end of the string to the button and thread it through the existing holes in the seat from the old buttons.

Aim the needle for the metal reo bars underneath the seat because this is where we will be tieing the string off.

Pull the string tight, but not too tight so that the seat get wrinkles in it.
Apply tension until the buttons is seated nicley.

Be sure not to tie off the string near where the seat clips into the car or it might foul up and get cut over time.

If you cant tie a knot, just do alot.

You can buy half round 1" diameter upholstery buttons new from places like spot light for less then $1 each.

Tip: You can pinch some off cuts of material from around the back of the flip down arm rest, and also from the opera surrounds (rear 1/4 windows).

Upholster the new buttons with the old material using contact adhesive or something similar.
This is what i was originally going to do until i found my OG buttons.

If you come up with something, post it with picture and ill incorporate it into the article!

The exact same procedure can be used on the upper rear seat and the front seats.

Finished product

'87 SL VL Build Thread
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good work man
Originally Posted by NZ EVLHSV View Post
Owners of nice VLs should have a no food or drinks policy. Owners of shit VLs shouldn't care if drinks get spilt...
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Thanks simon mate where would i be without ya. You could even use this to dress up your S1 seats into S2's mate! Find some old red vlc seats, retrim some solid head rests and the same with the glovebox + arm rest, instant S2 red interior.
'87 SL VL Build Thread
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very well done!
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dodgy but effective.

if you strip the seat trim off you will find theres a metal wire in there which creates that depression. the buttons are probably tied off to that from factory. just a tip for someone willing to be bit more experiental. try taking off the trim from the seats and you'll understnd pretty quick.

also S2 grey material can be obtained from vn berlina seats. theres tonnes coming into wreckers yards now and they are worth zilch.
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