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Car wash Hazards

Today, I headed DELETED for a car wash, payed n drove my 86 vl berlina to the car wash there was a guy there doing a quick scrub and explained the rules kick the car in neutral, don’t steer or break n we soon headed in, 1/4 of the way in the car was shaking and the car was thrown out of the gully and nearly into the wall of the car wash. The dude stopped the wash,

We got out the car n it was on a 25 degree angle stuck on rollers so the car was going no where, 10 min of piss farting around the car slipped off the rollers into the wall scratching my 2 week old re sprayed bumper and then snapping my driver’s side mirror on the rollers

The store manager didn’t care, didn’t want to give me his name and then gave me the wrong customer service number, no refund on the wash and sent us on the way

So now I have wrote a letter for my claims: any hits or tips,

this is a head up for you people

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Report him to consumer affairs, Man you dont have to put up with **** like that
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get it on a current affair or sumthin
Originally Posted By: [Grk-Wpn]
atleast my vl aint a POS like urs mate
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see a solicitor or speak to Consumer Affairs

pls don't name businesses on here even though you may feel justified

it potentially drags a 3rd party into everything (SirGeo) and this site

good luck with it all
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