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Drag Racing Coming To Corowa NSW

Welcome to the First Annual Corowa Autofest:
Corowa Shire together with Autofest welcomes you to a Action Packed weekend in February with new events added including Drag Racing and the Autofest Corkscrew which proved a huge success at the recent Springnats.
Mikes Dyno is also back and there is no extra Charge for entrants wanting to know what real Horsepower they are packing.
Team Extreme will also be making their first NSW visit and team members Aaron Mackley, Shaun Woodhouse, Scott Briant and Peter Grmusa along with their Blown Weapons are sure to Excite All.
Events Include:
Go To Whoa, Drag Racing, Show N Shine, Dyno Comp, Stereo Comp, Slalom, Burnout Comp , Trade Displays and more.
Two Full Days of Fun and Mayhem, where else would you want to be!
For Accommodation call Corowa Visitor Information on 0260 333221

Forward Planning is well underway for our other Events in Murray Bridge SA, Mount Gambier SA and Shepparton VIC and its also Advised that if you are planning to attend these Events to also get your accommodation organized.

For All Burnout Rules, Updates etc for Springnats/ Autofest events See Our


Regards Les Adams
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Dont forget to get ya entry in before Jan 1st to save yourself $50.00.

Entry Forms avalible at
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Corowa Autofest Racing Format
Corowa Drag Racing Shootout

This is the format we are looking at running at Corowa, whats your thoughts?

Some questions have come up, however, regarding just what constitutes a "match race" and what constitutes a "Chicago Style" drag race. Here is the way I see the two activities. Please feel free to drop us a line if they do it differently where you race.
A two out of three match race is just that. You usually have two cars. The racers make three runs; whoever gets two of the three runs (or all three) is the winner. In the old days, racers used to petition promoters not to make them make a third run if they won two straight.
Sometimes, a quicker racer will purposely lose the second round in order to even up the match. The idea is to build a semblance of equal performance (even if it doesn't exist), and of course, to keep folks around to buy souvenirs and eat drag dogs.) Most racers hate to lose even one match, however, and will do all they can to put their opponent out in two straight runs!

A "Chicago Style" race is one where a number of cars run either one or two rounds, and then the two quickest cars come back for a final. Sometimes the other cars race in "consolation" matches; sometimes they don't. Chicago Style rules vary to some extent, but the above is the basic idea. In a TRUE Chicago Style event, the boundaries of each lane are ignored. That is to say, the race is "first to the finish line," regardless of whether a racer runs over the centerline or crosses the outer boundary. Redlights are always observed, however.

A two round Chicago Style match is where say 14 cars were booked in. They all made a first round run (with the pairings provided by the event director). The two quickest cars from the first round were considered the "finalists." All 14 cars came back for a second round, with the 10 slower cars running each other first. Following that, the "final" is held between the two cars that were quickest in the first round.
Essentially, Chicago Style shootouts are simply qualifying efforts for a final. By the way, rules vary as well about who qualifies for a final round. Some say it has to be the two quickest cars. Some say it has to be the two quickest WINNING cars. In our organization, we go by strictly performance. This means the two quickest cars with fun off in the final.

A three round Chicago Style race merely extends the qualifying time, if you will. The cars will race one round, with pairings determined by the event director. The event director then will mix and match the cars and run a second round. After two rounds, the quickest two cars return for the final. Usually, the other cars return for a third round as well, to compete in "consolation runs."

If they do it differently where you race, drop us a line. Or if you have a memory of match racing or Chicago style racing, let us know!

Regards Les
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how far is this out of sydney? whats the track like?
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Corowa about 25 min from Albury on the Murray river. The track is a airport strip with the first 150ft in brand new hot mix and plenty of run off
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OK the team at Bernies Auto Spares As part of Bernies Auto Parts(sponsor of the burnout comp) and the Corowa Shire Sponsorship its with pleasure to Offer you Entry into the Corowa Autofest for $150.00 for a Full Entrant package including entry for TWO people and your car into all Events you wish to participate in including the
Dyno comp,Burnout,Go To Whoa Motakana, Drag Racing, Show N Shine, etc etc
Condition of this Offer is that you must go into either Bernies Auto Parts 81 High Street Wodonga ph(0260 245199) or the Corowa Visitor information centre 88 Sanger St
(02) 6033 3221 Fill out the entry form and have one of there reps sign it send it to the nominated address on the Entry Form and your in!
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Drag Racing Rules and Formats

So you want to go drag racing?
Read on for all the info on what you can expect and what you will need to do come race day.

At The Gate
First stop is the front gate which opens at 1.00pm Friday 27th Feb or Saturday 28th Feb. Here you will need to show your receipt if pre entered or pay a late entry fee ($200 to race or $100 for Show N Shine Only) also collect this drivers briefing and Rules. You are allowed one tow vehicle and trailer. If you have family or friends with you they must park in the general admission area.
In the Pits
Once in the pit area, follow the directions of the attendants to your allocated spot. The pits may fill quickly so get your self set up by unloading your vehicle and taking your trailer to the designated trailer parking area. For your safety and the safety of other please abide by the following rules:
• One tow vehicle per entrant. All other vehicles are to park in the general admission area.
• Do not exceed the speed limit of 20km. Other racers and fans will be walking around the pit area.
• No alcohol. The consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden.
• Be respectful and courteous to your fellow competitors, volunteers and fans.

Here your vehicle will be checked to make sure it complies with the various safety regulations.

Drag Racing Classes -
1. V8 - naturally aspirated and Forced induction
2. 6 cylinders- naturally aspirated and Forced induction
3. 4 and Rotor. - Naturally aspirated and Forced induction
4. Outlaw- For any street registered car that is too radical to fit within class rule requirements.

Racing will be run on a Quick4 format with all racers to receive a minimum of 4 runs each per Class. On Sunday afternoon. There will be the Finals which will be decided by finding the quickest 2 entrants of each class to face off for the win and runner-up.


1. All competing vehicles are to have current registration.
2. All vehicles must be of a satisfactory appearance
3. Instant disqualification from round if fluids dropped onto racing surface.
4. Helmet, long sleeved top and long pants required with fully enclosed foot wear.
5. Current drivers License.
6. Stewards decision is Final!
7. No excessive static burnouts
8. Where Slicks used on rear front tyres must be of conventional type. (no radials)
9. Brakes, Safety Belts, tyres, lighting etc must all be in good condition.
10. Where vehicle equipped with nitrous oxide a yellow 3 inch square must be displayed on top of front windscreen on driver’s side.
11. No excessive signwriting allowed.
12. No passengers permitted. (Driver only)
13. Street equipment must be operational, eg lights, indicators etc.
14. All vehicles running in Drag Racing to display Sponsor Sticker to be entitled for awards!
15. Where a driver displays unsafe conduct he/she will be disqualified from event!


1. Open pipes permitted
2. Slicks permitted with an absolute maximum of 28" high and 10" Width.
3. 20 second rule applies from time competitor stages until other lane must be staged.
4. Vehicles are permitted to race with no roll cage providing car does NOT break 6.99 secs over the measured 1/8 mile.
5. NO Qualifying will take place, racing is Heads Up with the TWO Quickest Runs within each class shooting out for First and Runner Placings
6. Minimum of 4 cars per class needed or there will be no awards for that class.
7. Fastest 2 cars to make the finals of each class, vehicles need to be ready for back to back racing!

If You Have a Full Competition Vehicle you WILL be eligible for competition!
If 4 or more Competition vehicles enter then awards will be made and sent to the winner and runner up of that class.

Below are tables outlining* the requirements for each race vehicle based on elapsed time over the 1/8 mile. (If you have raced over the 1/4 mile, divide your ET by 1.58 to give you an approximate 1/8 mile time. E.g. 12.00 1/4 = 7.59 1/8).

1/8-MILE TO 1/4-MILE
1/8-mile ET 1/4-mile ET 1/8-mile ET 1/4-mile ET 1/8-mile ET 1/4-mile ET 1/8-mile ET 1/4-mile ET
5 7.80 6.8 10.61 8.55 13.34 10.3 16.07
5.05 7.88 6.85 10.69 8.6 13.42 10.35 16.15
5.1 7.96 6.9 10.76 8.65 13.49 10.4 16.22
5.15 8.03 6.95 10.84 8.7 13.57 10.45 16.30
5.2 8.11 7 10.92 8.75 13.65 10.5 16.38
5.25 8.19 7.05 11.00 8.8 13.73 10.55 16.46
5.3 8.27 7.1 11.08 8.85 13.81 10.6 16.54
5.35 8.35 7.15 11.15 8.9 13.88 10.65 16.61
5.4 8.42 7.2 11.23 8.95 13.96 10.7 16.69
5.45 8.50 7.25 11.31 9 14.04 10.75 16.77
5.5 8.58 7.3 11.39 9.05 14.12 10.8 16.85
5.55 8.66 7.35 11.47 9.1 14.20 10.85 16.93
5.6 8.74 7.4 11.54 9.15 14.27 10.9 17.00
5.65 8.81 7.45 11.62 9.2 14.35 10.95 17.08
5.7 8.89 7.5 11.70 9.25 14.43 11 17.16
5.75 8.97 7.55 11.78 9.3 14.51 11.05 17.24
5.8 9.05 7.6 11.86 9.35 14.59 11.1 17.32
5.85 9.13 7.65 11.93 9.4 14.66 11.15 17.39
5.9 9.20 7.7 12.01 9.45 14.74 11.2 17.47
5.95 9.28 7.75 12.09 9.5 14.82 11.25 17.55
6 9.36 7.8 12.17 9.55 14.90 11.3 17.63
6.05 9.44 7.85 12.25 9.6 14.98 11.35 17.71
6.1 9.52 7.9 12.32 9.65 15.05 11.4 17.78
6.15 9.59 7.95 12.40 9.7 15.13 11.45 17.86
6.2 9.67 8 12.48 9.75 15.21 11.5 17.94
6.25 9.75 8.05 12.56 9.8 15.29 11.55 18.02
6.3 9.83 8.1 12.64 9.85 15.37 11.6 18.10
6.35 9.91 8.15 12.71 9.9 15.44 11.65 18.17
6.4 9.98 8.2 12.79 9.95 15.52 11.7 18.25
6.45 10.06 8.25 12.87 10 15.60 11.75 18.33
6.5 10.14 8.3 12.95 10.05 15.68 11.8 18.41
6.55 10.22 8.35 13.03 10.1 15.76 11.85 18.49
6.6 10.30 8.4 13.10 10.15 15.83 11.9 18.56
6.65 10.37 8.45 13.18 10.2 15.91 11.95 18.64
6.7 10.45 8.5 13.26 10.25 15.99 12 18.72
6.75 10.53

*Please note that requirements are subject to change as required by ANDRA. The requirements listed below may not be absolute and vehicles my require ANDRA inspection.
Street: Elapsed time of 7.70 and slower
Drivers Seat Standard as minimum Seat Belt Standard lap sash as minimum
Hub Caps / Trims Removed Tailshaft Loop Required
Helmet Required Wheel Studs Standard as minimum
License Day License (as part of entry fee) Tyres Tyres of same construction front and rear (radial/bias)
Protective Clothing Covering, non flammable Roll Bar Not required, except in open vehicles quicker than 8.22 (eighth mile)
Roll Cage Not Required Liquid Overflow Required

Super Street: Elapsed time of 7.00 to 7.69
Drivers Seat Standard as minimum Seat Belt Four point harness as a minimum
Hub Caps / Trims Removed Tailshaft Loop Required
Helmet Required Wheel Studs Standard as minimum
License Super Street License (may race once without) Tyres Tyres of same construction front and rear (radial/bias)
Protective Clothing Covering, non flammable Roll Bar Not required, except in open vehicles, or in cases where monoque construction of vehicle is modified. May be detachable
Roll Cage Not Required Liquid Overflow Required

Competition: Elapsed time of 5.81 to 6.99
Competitor must have the applicable ANDRA license, current tech and comply with all ANDRA regulations.

Exhibition: Elapsed time of 5.80 and quicker
Solo passes only. Competitor must have the applicable ANDRA license, current tech and comply with all ANDRA regulations.

Drag Racing.
Now the fun begins. When the race controller calls your bracket make your way to the dummy grid. Here you will be paired up with your first round opponent and move into the staging lanes. In heads up racing, the idea is to concentrate on your side of the tree, cross the finish line first. Easier said than done.
Trophy Time
Trophies presentations’ are held at the end of Racing Sunday around 6.00pm

ANDRA Permit This event is staged under the sanction of the Australian Drag Racing Association Inc. and is covered by the rules and regulations of ANDRA and the supplementary rules herein. Any debate as to their interpretation will be determined by the meeting director and ANDRA personnel.
Breakages To assist the meeting director must be notified of any breakages or withdrawals.
Breakages on Track Any competitor that breaks whilst on the track should move to the outside edge of the lane to minimize possible fluid spills on the racing surface.
Braking Area / Return Road At all times the vehicle in the left lane has right of way when turning off the track onto the return road (return road is located on the left side of the track).
Burnouts No static burnouts allowed. Vehicle is only allowed one burnout across the start line.

Drivers Briefing Take this advise sheet as your drivers' briefing, so please take the time to read and understand what’s written if there’s any questions please ask the event director.
Licenses All competitors must have a valid ANDRA license for the type of vehicle being driven.

Public Relations Release By entering the event you agree to make yourself available for any press or media exposure and approve the use of any video footage or still photos connected with you participation at this event.

Tender Vehicles Only vehicles that require a parachute (1/4 mile) will be allowed tender vehicles.

Traction Compound / VHT The use of traction compound is NOT ALLOWED.
Trailers After unloading, all trailers are to be removed from the pits and placed in the area provided; workshop type trailers require approval from the meeting director for their use in the pits.
Vehicle Presentation All the vehicles must be of neat appearance. We reserve the right to refuse entry / participation of any vehicle deemed to be of an unacceptable standard.

Crew As you may be aware, insurance has affected many sports / events and drag racing is one of those events. Therefore, no crew members will be allowed on the start line except those crew that are with exhibition vehicles and have signed the indemnity form. All drivers are to follow the instructions of the start line officials. Any queries should be made to the meeting director.
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All roads lead to Corowa from February 28 – March 1 for the inaugural Corowa Autofest.

The organisers of the highly successful Shepparton SpringNats Car Festival and Murray Bridge Autofest have scheduled yet another high-octane event and expect large crowds from across the country to come see the cars fly!

Corowa Autofest is set for the last weekend in February and will feature events such as Go To Whoa, Motokana, Dyno Comp, Show N Shine, Incar Stereo Comp, Trade Displays, 1/8 Mile Drag Racing and everyone's favorite, the Burnout Comp.

Team Extreme will be making their first New South Wales appearance and are sure to excite all with their awesome supercharged weapons.

Visitors to Corowa Autofest will see the current Summernats Champs Aaron Mackley and Leroy Rees as well as the World Burnout Champs Peter and Debbie Gray.

A variety of entertainment is on offer with rides for the kids, merchandise and trade displays and the unique Jack Daniels experience. The event is alcohol free, fully catered and is an affordable family day out.

Tickets can be purchased from the gate at the following prices:
Adult: $30, Family: $60, Under 15: $5. Weekend passes are available for: Adult: $50 and Family $100. Student concession with a Valid ID is available for $10 per day.

Organiser, Les Adams said that the response since the first announcement of the event had exceeded his expectations.

“We have received entries from every State in Australia and the local Corowa Shire community have been fantastic to work with”.

“The support of Events New South Wales has allowed us to establish the event in Corowa and we are excited to already be looking at running other events throughout the year and certainly intend to make this an annual spectacle”.

Organisers said they anticipated the weekend of horsepower would quickly become one of the most exciting events in New South Wales.

Events NSW CEO Geoff Parmenter said we are thrilled to support the establishment of the Corowa Autofest.

“Events NSW have made a three year commitment to the Corowa Autofest after making a rigorous assessment of the economic, marketing and community benefits that the event will deliver. We are confident NSW motoring enthusiasts will embrace this unique event.
“Events such as the Autofest play an important role in regional economies by boosting local retailers, accommodation providers, tourism operators and other businesses.
“The status of Corowa Autofest is enhanced by its inclusion in the first ever NSW Master Events Calendar,” he said.

A multi media advertising campaign promoting the event has commenced with a focus on TV and Radio in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.
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