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HOW TO: Install a SPY pager cara alarm into a VL

For starters, this is for the SPY 5000M car alarm/pager unit that also has remote start.

OK here we go.....

Tools required:
Soldering iron (i use a gas portasol 125 with the 2.5mm flat tip)
Long and stubby phillips #2 screw drivers
assorted picks and hooks
a peice of wire about 1metre long or a wire coathanger
some common sence
Black electrical tape and various heatshrink sizes

i also recommend a syringe of soldering flux, can be obtained from jaycar for about $16 off memory

Before you do anything, Vacume the inside of your car, especially the drivers side floor because youll be spending alot of time on your back looking up under the dash

Step 1,
Find a nice spot for your "brain" under the dash, im not telling you where i put mine :P

Step 2,
Remove your upper dash cluster surround (2 little black tabs one on the right of the middle air vents and one on the opposite side, also remove wiper switch [screw on the bottom] and rear demister/aerial switch)

Remove your centre console, radio surround, peice on the bottom of the radio surround, sunglass holder, both black undertrays under the dash and your drivers side kick panel

Remove your drivers side vent, this is done by removing the directional inserts but sticking a pick in one side and pulling out gently, be careful as they can break the tabs and then they dont sit in there nicely.

Remove your cluster

Remove your steering column surrounds.

Step 3,
Unpack your alarm, pick a spot where your brain will go and make sure you leave enough wire to reach it once you are done!!!

Grab the first 6 pin plug which is the main power and remote start harness with the THICKEST wiring, Colours are as follows:

Purple > Airconditioner, gives a +12 signal, i wanted it to turn on my headlights but i couldnt as they are setup in some weird way, or alternatively just use it to turn on the aircon, here you are on your own as i didnt do this and you will have to figure it out.

Brown > PINK wire on the ignition wiring plug next to the brown wire.

Yellow > PURPLE wire right up the top on the same plug as the pink one.

Red > Direct to battery.

Black > EARTH (duhhhh)

That is all for the 6 pin plug

Harness number 2 is the 12 pin plug, this has medium sized wiring.

Depending on your central locking setup you will have to wire it up accordinly

In this case mine was a steelmate central locking module so i will write up with those colours.

Yellow and yellow black > joined together and earthed to the body.

White > BROWN on the modules input wires.

White/black > WHITE on the modules input wires.

Orange and orange black can be cut at the plug as they are useless.

Brown > Blue on the smaller plug found under the steering column right up the top, this is the idicator.

Brown > Dark blue for the other indicator.

DO NOT join all of the browns and blues together as you will not have indicators!!!!!!!!

Brown/black is the immobiliser bypass, cut this off at the plug.

Red/Black > Orange on the boot pop button.

Pink/red > RED on the siren.

That is all for the 12pin plug.

NOW the thin wired 8 pin plug.

RED > can be removed from the plug, it is windows rolling up module unless you have a SPY window roll up module, this is useless.

GREEN > side door positive trigger, useless again our doors are negative trigger, cut off at plug.

BLUE > WHITE wire found behind the drivers side kick panel, door neg trigger.

YELLOW connects to the immobiliser relay(s) again personal preference what you want to immobilise.

WHITE > PIN 6 on the upper cluster wiring plug counting from left to right, the long flat plug with a single row not the double row plug that plugs into the back of the cluster, make sure its the right way up when counting too LOL

ORANGE > Light BLUE/grayish colour wire on the brake light switch, you might miss this one as its right behind the aircon piping.

PURPLE > pin number 7, the yellow wire found next to the white wire you connected before the orange one.

GREY > Start sensing wire, connect this to your Tach wire on the back of the cluster, when looking at the cluster through the windscreen from the front of the car, first wire on the left on the bottom row.

That is all for the wiring.

Now you pick a spot to mount your siren, shock sensor, microwave sensor, aerial, temp sensor andthe rest and amuse yourself lol.

I can also do a write up on the MONGOOSE automatic window wind up module if anyone is interested.
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